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Monday, 22 July 2013

B.Tech - ECE 7th Sem. - MOBILE COMMUNICATION (ECE-419-F) : E-book

Mobile Communication by Jochen Schiller, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education

Mobile Communication by Jochen Schiller, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education BOOK DESCRIPTION : In an increasingly wireless world, there is a need for well-educated communication engineers who understand the possibilities and developments of mobile communication. Mobile Communications is an introduction to the field of mobile communications and focuses on digital data transfer.
The book introduces the aspects of mobile communications highlighting their importance in computer science. It brings forward the common properties of different technical solutions. Helpfully, the book points readers to research publications or related websites if they need more information on a certain topic. Mobile Communications features discussions on mobile signals, access protocols, application requirements and security, wireless application protocol, i-mode, and wireless TCP focussing on digital mobile communication systems. The second edition of Mobile Communications was published in the year 2008 and features updates of all references and links and also discusses integration of higher data rates for GSM, third generation systems, new WLAN, and Bluetooth standards. Its intended readers are students of electrical engineering or computer science, engineers working with fixed networks who wish to be apprised of future trends in networking, and managers looking for a lucid overview of mobile communication. Schiller’s approach requires a basic understanding of communication and a rough knowledge of the Internet or networking.

Book Details :

Publisher: Pearson Education India
By: Jochen Schiller
ISBN: 8131724263, 9788131724262
Year: 2008
Pages: 512
Language: English

Read this Book online : "Mobile Communication by Jochen Schiller, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education"

Download this book : "Mobile Communication by Jochen Schiller, 2nd Ed., Pearson Education"


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