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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Network and Systems by D Roy Choudary, New Age International,

BOOK DESCRIPTION : This book Serves As A Text For The Treatment Of Topics In The Field Of Electric Networks Which Are Considered As Foundation In Electrical Engineering For Undergraduate Students. Includes Detailed Coverage Of Network Theorems, Topology, Analogous Systems And Fourier Transforms. Employs Laplace Transform Solution Of Differential Equations. Contains Material On Two-Port Networks, Classical Filters, Passive Synthesis. Includes State Variable Formulation Of Network Problems. Wide Coverage On Convolution Integral, Transient Response And Frequency Domain Analysis. Given Digital Computer Program For Varieties Of Problems Pertaining To Networks And Systems. Each Topic Is Covered In Depth From Basic Concepts. Given Large Number Of Solved Problems For Better Understanding The Theory. A Large Number Of Objective Type Questions And Solutions To Selected Problems Given In Appendix.

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