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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius : Control Arduino with Your Smartphone or Tablet by Simon Monk - Ebook PDF

Discover how to create cool Arduino devices that “talk” to Android smartphones and tablets!
 Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius brings two popular open-source technologies together with a series of hands-on projects that marry the worlds of touch-screen devices and physical computing. The book covers the Android Open Application Development Kit and USB interface, showing you how to use it with the basic Arduino platform. Other projects demonstrate methods of communication between Android and Arduino—including sound, Bluetooth, and WiFi/Ethernet—that don’t require the ADK at all.

 From fun, inventive projects such as building a Geiger counter or Bluetooth-controlled Arduino robot, to practical home automation projects, the book contains something for everyone. Included is a beginner’s guide to programming the Arduino that will help those who are new to the platform start with a firm foundation.

Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius
 - Demonstrates how to use the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) with the basic Arduino platform
 - Features self-contained projects that include an clear explanation of the theory as well as practical, - - step-by-step instructions thoroughly illustrated with drawings and photographs
 - Shows how to use Ethernet, Bluetooth, and short-range RF links to talk to Arduino
 - Reveals the author's own never-before-seen sound-based link for making the two devices communicate with audio tones
 - Provides the fundamental knowledge you need to create your own projects
 - Contains techniques that work with ANY Android device
 - Explains how to create practical, useful home automation devices and communicate with them by radio or Internet

Table of Contents

Part One: Android Peripherals
1. Bluetooth Robot
2. Android Geiger Counter
3. Android Light Show
4. TV Remote
5. Temperature Logger
6. Ultrasonic Range Finder

Part Two: Home Automation
7. Home Automation Controller
8. Power Control
9. Smart Thermostat
10. RFID Door Lock
11. Signaling Flags
12. Delay Timer

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>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD "Arduino + Android Projects for the Evil Genius by Simon Monk" <<

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