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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Gas leakage detector with automatic valve closing system - ECE Minor Project

Gas leakage detector with automatic valve closing system - ECE Minor Project


Industrial  process  increasingly  involves  the  use  &  manufacture  of  highly
dangerous  substances,  particularly  flammable,  toxic  and  oxygen  gases.  Inevitably,
occasional  escapes  of  gas  occur,  which  creates  potential  hazards  to  the  industrial
plant, its employees and peoples living nearby. Similar effects also occur in case of
household kitchen. Worldwide incidents, involving asphyxiation, explosions and loss
of life are a constant reminder of this problem.  
We  purpose  to  make  a  system  which  will  help  in  detecting  LPG  leakage  in  our
industries as well as household kitchens and other places where LPG is used & there
is  potential  risk  of  LPG  leakage.  Many  tried  &  proven  methods  of  detecting  gas
leakage are available also method related depends upon a variety of factors such as
accuracy,  cost&ease  of  use.  We  introduce”  GAS  LEAKAGE  DETECTOR  WITH
AUTOMATIC VALVE CLOSING SYSTEM”. This system is easy to install maintain
which  provides  improved  security  among  kitchen  and  industry  than  the  existing
This  system   will detect any  chances  for  a  gas  leakage from cylinder-based
appliances (eg:LPG cylinder).By using a gas sensor, the above reason can be detected
in advance .This unit can be easily incorporated with an alarm unit , to sound an alarm
and give visual indication of  the LPG detected, so the user can be alerted about this .
If gas leakage occurs by means of closing the gas outlet valve   we can control it. This
work design is one of  an embedded application. Automatic valve closing and alarm
unit are the main features of this system.

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