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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Researchers - Industrial Engineering - Tarnea Technology Solutions

Posted: August 30, 2013
Industries:Computer Software  
Job ID:7081753

 Job Description

This is a short term internship for approx. 4 weeks. The work involves the study of a high velocity distribution operations and redesigning the same. Specifically, this will involve --
1. Mapping and understanding production flow
2. Measuring and benchmarking the discrete steps in the flow
3. Devising alternate models of stocking, picking, process flow and allocation of manpower 
4. Building simple flow models (usually on excel sheets) 
The work will require data collection and observattions on the shopfloor for approx. 20-25 hrs.
The engagement will be in Chennai and knowledge of Tamil will be essential.

Desired Skills & Experience

You should have an experience of having performed similar work in a high velocity production environment and be able to provide strong references and testimonials. 
You should have a B.Tech / BE / MBA in Production / Operations / Mech. engineering.  We welcome student in final year also to apply.

Company Description

Tarnea is a Bangalore based firm working at the confluence of Design & Technology. Our products are aimed at serving customers across global markets. Tarnea espouses a strong Engineering culture and our approach is centred on Design Thinking. Every product or solution is a “Design Intervention” to improve the status quo and bring some fun into the things users normally do.

The company is developing innovative products and solution in the space of mobile computing, using cloud based backend technologies. We are building an industry leading platform for business process, intelligence and analytics cutting across both “Big” and “Small” data.

Started by people who left leadership positions in Indian and multinational technology companies to create an organization that not only works at the cutting edge of technology but fundamentally challenges the very rules of the IT business. The early employees at Tarnea include those who have worked in some of the best organizations in Design, Technology and Financial Services. Our aim is to make Tarnea a melting pot of the best talent from diverse fields creating a world-class enterprise.

LAST DATE TO APPLY :As soon as possible

For more details & to apply, visit : >> Researchers-Industrial Engg-Tarnea Technology Solutions <<


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